Wednesday, October 21

We've Been Wednesday...Corn Maze Edition!

From left: Bayley, Me, Drew (my brother in law), Kiki (my sister), Jack (my nephew) and Jeremy

from left: Bayley, Tucker's girlfriend Maddi, Tucker, Jeremy, Me, Poppy (my dad), Nina (my mom), Marilyn and Ron (very dear family friends from our California days).  My sister, her husband and Jack had taken off to speed maze & Harper Annie is taking the picture.  

We've Been...

Taking time for local adventures
Enjoying crisp fall days and flannel sheets at night
Going to the corn maze with the whole crew + family friends visiting from California
Marveling at how fast the fall semester goes by
Making some fun holiday plans

What have you been up to?

*photos mostly by Harper Ann

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  1. You guys are adorable! A beautiful family. We neglected to do the corn maze this year, although we were at the Christmas tree farm a couple of weeks ago. ;) Jo


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