Wednesday, October 14

Bayley's Wardrobe Wish List

Autumn and Winter for me are a fantastic excuse to flip my wardrobe on its head, August hits, and I hit the closet. Starting to switch out the overtly summer-ey items that I own and unpacking the winter sweaters and flannels may be the coziest laundry task ever. Meanwhile I start browsing the internet. It’s easy to fall into a Winter rut of sweaters, jeans, and boots (something I fall into no matter what), but to avoid the norm at least some of the times, having a couple “pinspirations” can help shake up my cozy habits.

I’m going to share some of my 2015 favorites, and let you tell me what you love the most!

Holy Audrey, ya’ll. Add some black and white saddle shoes and a scarf, and I’d be set. 

As someone with a smaller waist and much wider hips, anything with a cinched waist is a plus, and I can’t get over the color of this dress. There’s something about the color green that can keep the blustery months fresh while also favoring the season.

Dose boots doe. And the color of that sweater is perfect for someone with a fair skin tone (me)! 

Add some brown tights, and penny loafers. Yeah. I went there.

RED PANTS. In case you missed it, I love flannel, and the touch of flannel in the scarf just adds such a cozy touch to a refined outfit.

I need a vest. Yep, that’s done.

So, by the end of this winter, I hope to show an example of each of these outfits, put together with stuff I already own…except for a vest. Which I will acquire. Soon. And we can experiment with how to make pieces that we wouldn’t usually consider to create these new outfit trends!

Happy Fall Break!

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