Monday, February 2


I like a good quick and easy craft for the "smaller" holidays-- something that can be done over an hour or two on a winter evening.  It Happened One Night on the telly, a nice glass of wine, a fire in the hearth, handsome husband reading on the couch and the living room transformed by the time the credits roll.  Perfect.

I'm a big fan of large punches and fancy scissors--  time savers, as long as I use them.  And I do, frequently.  Add some glue guns or sticks, card stock in pretty colors, a little tape and string.  Done and done.

I got the poster above the mantel from Zazzle. My new favorite thing is to design our own decorative art as I did for our Comfort & Joy Christmas-- very affordable, customizable and perfect for those of us who like to mix things up.

Add in a few wooden skewers (does anyone not have those lying around?  We always seem to have handfuls scattered in various drawers for no apparent reason) and anything can become a seasonal decoration.  

Easy peasy lemon squeezy.  All set for Valentines and Bayley's birthday. Ssssshhhh.  Despite what she said earlier, she still thinks the whole world celebrated her birthday.  

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  1. That's terrific! I love the pastels.

    1. Me too-- I'm hoping they are soft and blend in enough to stay past Valentine's Day!

  2. Love the poster! And all the hearts are sweet. I might even be able to manage this...maybe. ;) Love your movie and wine idea too! :) Jo


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