Monday, December 8

Paper Star Garland & Our Holiday Mantel

I thought a sweet paper star garland would be the finishing touch on our holiday fireplace mantel.

From start to finish, the whole garland took a little over an hour--the perfect project for Scrooged. (What can I say, I love me some Dickensian Bill Murray).

The star paper punch has long since paid for itself around Cecilia-- add some cardstock, string and a glue gun, and you've got yourself a garland.

I tried out a wee one for our deer bust, and it was good.  So I went to town.

I hung out the string first to cut it to size, then started punching out stars.  Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy.

To complete the garland, I made some paper tassels out of scrap and double stick tape.  I picked up some fringe scissors on sale last year, but you could easily do the fringe with regular scissors and a little patience.  

After you've rolled the tassel about half way, add a strip of paper to make a loop to hang the tassel with, then keep rolling.

I finished mine off with a strip of white paper, also stuck on with double stick tape, then gave it a good fluffing.  Then I simply tied it to the string at the end of the garland and voila!

The rest of the mantle is made up of a faux pine garland that I wrapped in burlap, pinecones, some animal figurines, and all of those painted jars and bottles finished with twine that I showed you earlier (painting jars is addicting-- just spray paint nothing fancy-- you gotta try it).  I added some real pine sprigs, feathers, candles and cinnamon sticks to fill the jars (though the large white one on the end is filled with fairy lights) and picked up some cheap bottle brush trees in white.

I designed the comfort & joy poster on my computer and had it printed up poster sized.  I am really, really happy with the finished mantel.  I love it much of muchness and I think it will remain up for a good long while.  I'll be showing you the rest of the house in a week or two!

How is your holiday decorating coming along?

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  1. Love! You have made a fabulous mantle! I love the baby garland on the deer's antlers (very cute) and the white and brown combo looks just wonderful! And fringe scissors! OMG!

    1. Aren't those fringe scissors the bomb??

  2. Love the garland, and your mantle looks so pretty! My holiday decorating is still looking a lot like pumpkins laying around, but we do have a tree :)

  3. Love the star garland with the cute tassel on the end. Thank you for sharing it at Make It Monday.

    1. Thank you for hosting such a fun link up!

  4. Congratulations, Taby! Your star garland is a feature tonight on Make It Monday. Come on over and grab a feature button.

  5. The star garland is lovely and the whole thing looks amazing! Good job you. :) Jo


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