Friday, February 6

Valentine Labels for Your Beer Lover

Of all the fun crafty things I have done in my soon to be twenty-years of life, this tiny little project may actually rank among the most fun. For one, brainstorming beer related puns is an enthralling challenge on its own, and two, I got to play with paint, ink, paper, scissors, and a six-pack, all while writing a blog post and creating a gift for my significant roommate – Score!

For the most part this is a relatively easy craft and could easily completed in just an hour or two. Really you can bring any supplies to the table, I chose a large assortment of paper, including scrapbook, card stock, and crepe paper. As far as pliability, crepe paper was obviously the most eager to mold around the bottles, although with sufficient amounts of tape, anything is possible so I ended up combining all three for most of the labels.

I also raided my craft closet for (as afore mentioned), acrylic craft paint, black india ink, scissors, and exacto knife, scotch-tape, glue, assorted brushes, oh- and you may need a six-pack, though I don’t usually keep that in my craft closet.

I used the scrapbook paper as my base, because I knew that it would hold the glue the best, and then layered the crepe paper on top. I made six, and then let them dry. There weren’t exact measurements, I just kind of eyeballed it honestly, I think the labels ended up being about 3” high and about 6-7” across. I didn’t mind if the edges overlapped because it gave my tape more leverage.

Then, the fun part. Puns! Not as easy as it sounds but, I made a list of beer related words and played around with them until I came up with a list. “Barely Contain Myself Ale,” “I Love Brew,” “Hopposites Attract,” etc. Not gonna lie, I felt pretty clever.

Now summon all your artistic abilities and create your labels.

As soon as I finished my “six-pack” I slipped them back into their original box so that they will be an aww worthy surprise whenever man-pal reaches for his next brew.

Only a week away from Valentine’s Day! Have you come up with any love-inspired projects? Sharing is caring.

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  1. Aw that's so sweet! James loves beer, maybe I will get my act together to attempt this :)


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