Monday, October 13

Leaves, Acorns, Feathers and Fall

I don't know what it is about this time of year.  There is something colorful and sparkling about it.  Or maybe its the idea of a holiday wish list that has me scouring Etsy for jewelry finds.  Just a nice subtle hint...ahem....for my kids...ahem.  Any one of these would be wonderful editions to my jewelry box...

Which one would go on your holiday wish list?

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  1. They are all such beautiful and unique pieces. I definitely want the book necklace!! Jo

  2. I love that woodland ring, I thought it was a bracelet at first!

  3. I have to resist so hard from spending all of my money on Etsy. I guess supporting artists is a pretty good cause, though (that's what I tell myself at least, haha). I love all the feather art you selected. I've always been attracted to feather imagery as well!



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