Monday, September 29


We've inadvertently created a yearly tradition-- buying an area rug for the living room.  Strictly speaking, the humans of Cecilia did not create the tradition, the four legged residents did.  Three dogs and two cats, as it turns out, are rather hard on area rugs.  So are teenagers, but I'm going to give them a pass because I can't blame them for everything.

Can you see the rug in the picture above?  No?  That is deliberate.  It really ought not be seen close up.  It was so pretty when we first bought it-- and to be fair, it made it almost a full year.  In the interest of full disclosure it spent a few months in the guest room, but still, kudos to it.  We rent a steam cleaner three times a year, and it still cleans up nicely, but it has a few pulls and one burn where a stray ember jumped the fireplace screen last winter.  Its also gotten a little gray, probably from the cleaning, and it has a general shabbiness to me, it has earned and much deserves its retirement.

I've got a few criteria: I want it to be darker than the current rug but still match the colors of the house, very durable, cleanable, able to visually "absorb" the odd tug or pull from claws and cleats and neutral enough to be on the floor year round despite my change of decor every season.  Jeremy also has criteria:  it has to be soft and reasonably priced,  He's a man of simple tastes.

We hit up Pier One over the weekend and found the perfect rug.  He loved the price, I loved the look. The only drawback was softness, but thanks to Rug Pad Corner, I got that taken care of.
See that Jute green one wedged between the rainbow braid rug and the beige floral?  That's it-- stay tuned to see how it looks in place!

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  1. I love to look at pretty rugs. I'm impressed you wash your rug three times a year. I wouldn't want to say how often we do ours! ;) We have a big, fluffy one so it hides all manner of sins. Can't wait to see yours in the room.

    1. Trust me, we need to clean 3x-- between the kids, their athletic equipment and the pets its a carpet massacre lol! It isn't that expensive to rent a cleaner from Lowes and it makes me much happier!

  2. I really need to get a rug for our bedroom to get of jazz it up a bit.

  3. Rugs are so expensive, I always want to swap our's out but everything I like is just out of reach. Looking forward to seeing your's in place, always fun to have a fresh new living room :)


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