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Rugs and Rug Pad Corner

As I was saying Monday, the living area kinda needs an area rug.  I love our black wood flooring, but without a rug the sofa and chair awkwardly float in our small living room.  An area rug anchors everything making the space cozy and intimate.  But, with 3 dogs, 2 cats and 2 athletic teenagers hanging out in this room, rugs don't last long.  We also require a rug pad to both keep the rug in place and create a lovely cushion between our feetsies and the hard floor.

When Paola from The Rug Pad Corner contacted me and asked if we'd be willing to review one of their rug pads, Jeremy and I had a great chuckle-- talk about timing!  We jumped at the chance.  We've always gotten those cheap rubber webbing things you can pick up on Amazon or at Walmart to keep our rug from sliding.  I don't know if you've ever used one of those, but they tend to be sticky, bunch up and actually leave a residue on the flooring.  I had to mop the floor for the above picture.  


I went to The Rug Pad Corner website to pick our rug pad.  They actually have a cool feature,  The Rug Pad Wiz, which helped us find the right fit.  Based on our rug size, space and usage, we picked the Ultra Premium pad.  They actually offer free shipping-- which is very awesome. They also offer to cut the rug pad slightly smaller than the rug size-- which is double awesome.  

The pad arrived promptly as promised, in just a few days.

The pad arrived with minimal packaging-- also a huge plus  Since we live in a smallish city, we do a lot of our shopping online.  We actually put a great deal of stock in companies that make an effort to minimize waste in shipping, while still delivering the product unscathed.  Points to the Rug Pad Corner on this one.

The pad arrived, with directions (also nice and simple) and without creases.  Turns out that Rug Pad Corner cuts all orders on demand from the roll to eliminate folds and lines.  No stocked cut pieces or pre-packaged rug pads.  Nice.

Now seems like a great time to mention the pad is actually incredibly attractive.  It has a lovely felt patterned side, and a non-slip rubbery side.  Were we placing the area rug on a carpeted surface, we'd lay the felted side down, rubbery side up.  On our floors we put the rubbery side down and the felt side up.  Am I alone in thinking that is cool?

If you thought the rubbery side, felted side thing was cool hang on to your collective hats.

Rug Pad Corner is actually a green company,  They are active members of Green America, the U.S. Green Building Council and actively examine practices in offices and warehouse to insure Green compliance.  In addition, they are:

  • U.S. Green Building Council Member
  • Members of The National Wood Flooring Association
  • St Jude Children’s Hospital Partners in Hope
  • Rug Pad Retailers of America Member

  • If that isn't enough giving for you, they also started a Rug Pad for a Cause campaign: they donate a portion of the price you pay for a rug pad to one of three organizations-- your choice which one.  Seriously.  

    I like a business with a heart, know what I mean?

    I don't want to steer you wrong, so I did my research.  The Better Business Bureau gave The Rug Pad Corner an A rating, in part because of their guarantee:  
    "Guarantee of Rug Pad Corner® states that all of our rug pads are manufactured in the USA. All of our rug pads contain only natural American materials that have been certified LEED and rated GREEN for air quality."

    Now that is all the stuff about Rug Pad Corner I can show you.  But what I can't adequately show you is how soft the rug pad is.  It is soooo fluffy.  The rug is gorgeous, but it’s just jute- not exactly known for bouncy softness.  The rug pad makes a huge difference.  Not only does it hold the rug firmly in place, even in the corners, it also gives it a lovely lofty feel.  

    It defies verbal explanation...ya'll just have to come over to Cecilia and walk on it-- or better yet, pick up your own pad from Rug Pad Corner and see for yourself.

    Just to clarify, we did receive the rug pad at no cost in exchange for my honest review.  None of the links in this post are affiliate links, I found all the information for the post, and the opinions within and the post itself were written by me.

    That said, the prices of their rug pads are very reasonable, and given all you get: great packaging, supporting a green company, donations to charity and a high quality rug pad I can wholeheartedly recommend you check out Rug Pad Corner.  

    You may have noticed a few glimpses of our autumn decor-- stay tuned!  I'll be giving you a grand tour shortly!!

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