Monday, August 18

Let There Be Light & Let It Be Bitchin'

As I mentioned on the mini house tour, we swapped out our dining table chandelier as part of our summer spruce up.  My Mom and Dad got this vintage light for us from an adorable thrift/junk/mart type shop. 

In its original incarnation, it was one of those bright orange with white daisy ones that would have been perfectly at home in the Brady girls' bedroom.  When Mom and Dad found it, it had been painted a nice flat turquoise, and the center of the flowers were made from black contact paper.  I cleaned it up, took off the contact paper and painted the whole thing off white.  For the flowers I alternated using the mint green from our hallway and the aqua blue from our kitchen.  

The coolest thing is the center of the flowers.  I cut them out of craft paper and attached them with restickable poster tape.  Now I can change them out whenever I want, which suits my ADD decorating style just right, thank you very much.
After this successful redo, I started looking at a few of Cecilia's other lighting fixtures with an eye for an update, and scanning the web for inspiration.
I love re-purposing things in an unexpected way, and all of theses struck my flights of fancy:

A few of those may find there way into Cecilia.  That book chandelier wouldn't be terribly hard to do and would look perfect in Jeremy's office....hmmm....

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If you've been following along on instagram, you may have noticed I went ahead and did the book light!  We had some books that were damaged when the basement flooded, so I used those.  I got a chandelier frame from Amazon, and a light fixture from Ikea.  The chandelier frame already had hooks, so I trimmed the book pages, used a hole punch and and hung the book pages from the frame.  The hole project took about twenty minutes.  Sweet!


  1. Fun lights! I always try to talk James into some crazy ideas I have for pendant lights, and he's having none of it... although he did allow me to wrap our dining room chandelier in jumbo pipe cleaners so I guess he's not all bad news.

    1. Hey, if he passed the pipe cleaner test, sticking book pages all over a frame is just a light-need away!

  2. Love the flower chandelier. And your book pages one! Where do you get your energy? ;) Jo


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