Friday, August 15

Look! Squirrel!

I love squirrels, and I have no idea why.  Tucker, our son, had a bad experience with a psychotic squirrel that chased him in the park one day, so I suppose that would prevent me from having a squirrel as a pet, should one become available.

For the record, I don't think it was actually chasing him, but Tucker thinks it was.  He also swears it had red eyes.

The incident led to a rather in depth discussion on zombie squirrels and whether or not  a human bitten by one would turn into a regular zombie or a squirrel zombie.  It was my contention that there was no precedence for species transference in zombie lore, so a victim would just become a regular garden variety zombie.  Jeremy insisted the victim would be a hybrid, but admitted he mostly liked the idea because he wanted to have a fluffy tail to curl with and nap on.  So we have agreed to disagree.

I don't like putting my collections all in one place.  I like to scatter things throughout the house so that guests stumble upon them by surprise.  Sort of like Tucker and the squirrel in the park.
I wonder how many people out there have a squirrel wishlist?

What do you collect & how do you display them?
And perhaps most importantly, where do you fall in the zombie squirrel debate?

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  1. Oh my gosh, all that squirrel stuff is adorable! I opt out of the debate because I think the red-eyed squirrel was simply drunk. ;)

    1. Well he was on a college campus, so that increases the likelihood of intoxication!!

  2. So much squirrel cuteness! We all love them here, no traumatic events yet ;)


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