Wednesday, September 16

We've Been Wednesday with a Parachute

We've Been...

Getting into a lovely rhythm
Enjoying the season's change and the cooler weather that comes with them
Making plans for autumn
Changing around our bedroom a bit

I adore the bright spring green we painted the bedroom a few years back.  I know, I know, neutrals are in.  I have to admit, when a neutral palate is done right, a room can look crisp and refreshing with a side of relaxation; but when its done badly, a neutral room can look like first-apartment-rental-chic. In either regard,  I'm a color person, and all our rooms have their own distinct hue with coordinating colors that I swap out according to the time of year.  Our spring green room, however, can be a little difficult to change with the seasons-- put any color with spring green and it looks...spring-ish.  For this fall and winter, I've decided to mix in gray-- light gray for the autumn and a darker gray for the winter.  I made a new duvet out of sheets, moved some pictures around the walls, and changed our spring curtains for a lovely dove gray with white medallions.
The over all effect is still light and airy, but a little less rooted in springtime.   Add a few autumn leaves, and a garland I made a few years ago, and our room is as ready for fall as we are!



*I know that is a frightful amount of stuffed animals for a grown woman to have, let alone a married couple.  But in my defense, we always get stuffed animals (all of us, since the kids were young) every Christmas morning.  Every. Year. That adds up.  They have been getting smaller lately, so there's that.

I do have my eye on some lovely new additions, both for later this season and particularly in the winter.  You really ought to check out Parachute-- beautiful things to drool over and a blog for inspiration!

Striped Cashmere Throws

Parachute Candles: Fireside

That fireside candle will be mine, mark my words!

How do you bring the fall into your living space?

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PS  I have not been compensated by Parachute for this post, though their fall campaign was definitely an inspiration!

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  1. Looks great! Glad you are enjoying the change of seasons.


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