Wednesday, July 29

We've Been Wednesday...

We've Been...

Washing all my work clothes before I have to report to campus Aug 12
(and drying them on the line in between rainstorms)
Finally getting that massage my kids got me for Mother's Day...
...then spending the day convincing myself that I deserve a monthly trip to the day spa lol
Getting ready for a big tree removal in our front yard
Doing little projects around the house
Planning a lovely day trip for next Saturday which will include, you guessed it, more graveyards & history adventures

the tree to be removed.  It has gotten too tall to maintain, and we've had several branches fall off and ding the cars (including one not-so-little "ding" that took out the HHR's windshield a few years back), and is threatening the cable and electric lines to the house.  We finally found a local tree guy that we trust and won't charge an arm and a leg, so its time.  I'm looking forward to an autumn/winter windy night that doesn't keep Jeremy up fretting!

Can you believe July is almost over??

What have you been up to?

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  1. Your pics are lovely and your dress collection is beautiful!

    1. I have a serious eshakti addiction lol!


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