Wednesday, July 15

We've Been Wednesday...

We've Been...

Still giggling from playing  Cards Against Humanity with my sis and her hubs
Playing Borderlands: The Prequel as it thunders outside
Wandering around town in the rain
Getting ready for the Great Door Install of 2015 (the french door for my kitchen goes in later today!)
Looking for a new desk chair for Jeremy's new and improved home office

*I picked up the tray, pitcher and glasses on sale at Pier One last week-- aren't they the cutest??

We had pretzel bread, beer cheese and salame, plus a Scorpion recipe from Trader Vic's.  Ki brought the most delicious tomato bites (and I will try to get a tutorial outta her for these because damn they were good), cheese spread and other lovelies along with her husband Drew's banging chicken wings.  Is there anyone else out there who would happily live off of appetizers?

What have you been up to?

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  1. Cards Against Humanity is pretty much the best game EVAH.

    Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird

    1. Its brilliant! So. Funny. And now we have a whole slew of new inside jokes LOL

  2. I have never played Cards Against Humanity, but I love the description, "a party game for horrible people." Sounds good. Your home is looking fantastic, and yes I love the tray and dishes!!

    1. Definitely for adults only, but if you've got an edgy sense of humor it is awesome!


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