Wednesday, March 4

"We've Been..." Wednesday

We've Been:

Trying to adjust our class schedules after 8 and 1/2 snow days
Watching all the snow melt
Opening the windows and letting in a hint of Spring
Wandering around Biltmore (again) & eating cake (again)
Preparing a presentation for a history conference (tomorrow!)
Getting set for Spring Break (next week!)

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The angel picture at the top is one of the statues at Biltmore.  I brought my camera on this latest visit and took several pictures of the grounds-- I think it will be fun to see how they change with the seasons.  Look for more pics in an upcoming post!


  1. The snow days are such a mix of fun and scheduling hassle. I can't get my brain around this semester! ... And that cake, yum!

    1. Oh I can't either-- I've sort of mentally written Spring2015 off at this point. And trust me, that cake is the best invention ever!

  2. Yummy yummy, I want cake in my tummy!

  3. I love it that you went back for more cake. Whenever we go on an outing I'm thinking about food. Museum visit - where are we going to eat after? Art gallery - what restaurant is close by? It kind of drives my husband nuts.


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