Friday, March 6

Spring Forward!

I feel like it was just Christmas, but believe it or not Daylight Savings Time is just around the corner, and Sunday we’ll be springing forward yet again. Now I know a lot of you have gotten quite a bit of snow recently, and if you’re anything like us, you’re about over it. On Wednesday however, the last bit of snow melted in my backyard, and we reached a high of 72*, so like any logical couple my significant roommate and I decided to scrub out the grill and throw on some burgers and veggies while sat out on the back porch and enjoyed the sunshine. Unfortunately, we dropped below freezing again and found ourselves surrounded by freezing rain…what a buzz kill…

So to keep up the sunny spring vibes I thought I’d come up with a list to help us “spring forward” and prepare for when spring finally decides to stick around!

1) Spring seems to be synonymous with clean, so why not prepare for the coming sunny months by airing out your abode. I for one have to go through my closet once every couple of months to weed out anything I haven’t been wearing, but now is the time to really dig deep into those drawers, if you can’t remember wearing it in the last six months, it can probably stand to go. Also, forget the daily chores for a day and do the things you wouldn’t normally squeeze into your cleaning routine. Dust the ceiling fans and blinds, vacuum behind your couch and in the crevices of your armchair; get the dust bunnies behind the entertainment center and all the neglected corners in between. Not only will your house feel fresh and clean, but so will your head.

2) Update your d├ęcor! To me, nothing says spring like flowers, so right around now is when I usually start updating the floral arrangements I have around the house, tulips are a favorite for me, so they usually find their way all over the house when I start scratching the spring itch, but daisies, and lilacs are another fresh way to add some spring pizzazz to your home, plus the fabric versions of these flowers tend to look the most realistic in my opinion – which is a good way to add the spring vibe without breaking the bank.

3) Find Spring! Now is a great time to start figuring out when your local farmers markets will be starting up, we are really excited to break out of the house to check out the local produce and having something to look forward to makes it all the more fun. You should also be able to access some schedules for any spring concerts in your town, talk about a great date night. Find some local events that you and your family may want to check out and mark your schedules! It’s just around the corner.

4) Grow something green. Now this one is a challenge for me because I have trouble even keeping a cactus alive, but we had an herb garden last year that yielded some fabulous results, and roomie even had a little tomato plant that produced some beautiful salads last summer. Check out when your favorite hardware store is going to start running their spring sales, and get excited about growing. Incidentally, mint is a wonderfully easy and fragrant herb that you can plant in a small pot now, if you just can’t wait; it makes a delightful addition to lemonade or a fresh mojito cocktail.

5) Lastly, freshen up your meals. I know that winter is a brilliant time to indulge in hearty stews and rich casseroles, but now is a wonderful time to reintroduce fresh produce to your diet. Something as simple as a fresh salsa on top of seafood, or a slice of avocado and a squeeze of lime with some veggie chips can really liven up your day and help welcome spring. We found some great zucchini and squash in the produce department the other day, and threw them on the grill and it was phenomenal. (We cut them into larger wedges, tossed them in olive oil and sprinkled them with a dash each of salt, pepper, and cumin and then placed them directly on the grill to char…yum). Every little bit helps get you the fruit and veggie servings that you need, plus they’re bound to get you feeling light on your feet and ready to go enjoy the outdoor activities spring has to offer.

Are you excited about spring? What are your favorite things to do to prep for warmer weather?

Stay cozy and see you soon! 


  1. Great Spring ideas! I can't wait until our tempreture reads 40 let alone be in the 70's. Look forward to the sweet smells of Spring!

  2. Great Spring ideas! I can't wait until our tempreture reads 40 let alone be in the 70's. Look forward to the sweet smells of Spring!

  3. I couldn't be more excited about spring! I love a good spring clean. And your tulips are lovely. I feel the urge to go buy flowers...


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