Friday, January 9

Blog Cozy

In honor of the frigid cold snap currently freezing our neck of the woods over, I decided to make a list of my favorite keeping warm activities.

My #1 favorite cozy, warm indulgence is a piping hot cup of hot chocolate. I like mine with a little kick of Kahlua, to really warm up the belly. I adore the Kahlua Hot Chocolate recipe featured on Damn Delicious.

Nothing makes me happier on a cold day than a fuzzy, chunky, wrap up and fall asleep blanket. My boyfriend would argue that I have more than enough blankets, (an entire linen closet full), but I don’t think you can ever have enough.  Now if I could learn to knit, this ravelry pattern would be perfect!

The one thing I wish my house had is a fireplace. Curling up next to a fire with a hot chocolate and a blanket would make my (subzero) day. But, as we don’t have a fireplace, we make do with a little electric faux fireplace heater. It has just the right amount of ambiance and inspires quite a bit of cozy. 

While I love cocoa, sometimes all I want is a big steaming bowl of soup. Anything from tomato, to French onion, I don’t care, as long as it’s piping hot and is accompanied by a delicious crusty bread. The Italian in me adores pasta and tomato sauce so one of my favorite recipes is a Creamy Tortellini soup I picked up off of Two Peas and Their Pod. The recipe is easy to follow and it yields a beautiful and filling soup.

Well we have the blanket, the soup, the cocoa, and the fire, what about jammies! I love getting home from a rough day at work and curling up in my favorite jim-jams. I have my fair share of pretty sets of pajamas, but I just adore Victoria’s Secret’s line of cozy pj’s!  They are having a sale as I'm writing this, just sayin!

Last but not least, I wouldn't get very far on a cold cozy day without flannel. And neither would my boyfriend. He’s got so much flannel and Carhart on when he leaves for work in the morning that he could just about pass for a lumberjack. So in honor of his adoration, here are some cozy layers I found at Big Brother Vintage.

What are your warm and cozy favorites?


  1. Oh Bayley, you make me want to curl up with all those things by my side and read a book!

  2. That's a great list! Sounds like a good plan for the weekend...except my son has a basketball tournament. Oh well. I agree you can never have enough blankets. I looooove that one! I would love to make it too! Happy weekend!

  3. That soup looks crazy good. Our fireplace is one of my favorite parts of my home. It may be tiny, but there is an open fire in the living room! ;)

  4. oh, you nailed it!! all great retreats from the cold!


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