Sunday, December 21

Quick Paper Tree & Cinnamon Garland

I wanted a quick window treatment for the main bathroom, that fit with our comfortable theme this year.  So I reached into my archives and dragged out this how to, adapted for a new purpose!

I used heavy white card stock for the trees, and created trunks using cinnamon stick segments.  Then I glued on twine loops, which I attached to a longer string-- and done!

I picked up a ton of unfinished wood decorations at the craft store (none over $5-- a great deal).  I painted some of these wooden trees with a light coat of white opalescent paint-- it comes off as a stain in the most wonderful way-- and I painted the stands flat brown.  I stuck one in a jar I had painted and wrapped with twine, and let the others alone, adding a few pine cones.

For our mobiles (which I highly recommend picking up-- they are so versatile and super easy to change out every season) I used more wood pieces (only 29 cents each, if you can believe it).  I spray painted the snowflakes flat white, and used brown for the moose and deer.

Tomorrow I'll post a house tour, so you can see all the goodies I've made in place.  We are all so excited this year-- can you believe Christmas is only 4 days away??

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