Monday, November 24

Two Too Easy: Deer and Dove Crafts

Anyone else getting in the holiday decorating spirit?

I found these two wood shapes, one bird and one deer at Michael's.  In keeping with our comfort and joy theme this year, I wanted to paint them with calm colors (a welcome change from last year's crazy twinkles and bright colors).

As I was painting the deer I had a thought.  I glued together some little wooden spools I had left over from a craft project I've forgotten, and added them to the base.  I glued on some mini packages, beads and a bit of rope to give it a stylized pull toy look.

The bird I kept simple.  I gave it a base coat in a light almond, then sponged on a pearlized white. Once that dried, I roughed it up with a bit of sand paper and washed it with a dark wood stain to give it a little depth.

I can't wait to show you all the things I've been working on!

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  1. Those are so sweet! I am going to start decorating this weekend. I usually wait until December hits. :) Jo


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