Monday, October 20


My Mom knows how to decorate for the holidays-- a little sparkle, a few spiders and a lot of clever details scattered all around.  Feel free to take inspiration from what she's made-- I know I have.  You may recognize the inspiration for my raven pillow in the mix!

We went to their house the weekend before last for a delicious brunch, which was a tasty excuse to tour the house and look at the leaves.  Unfortunately it was a bit hazy and damp-- but the leaves were gorgeous none-the-less.

Those last three pictures were taken by my Dad-- there is this...fungus? growth? thingy?...that grows on the trees around their property.  Apparently they make excellent fire starters.  They remind me of sea shells....  He also took the photo of the tree next to the skeleton with the "I voted" sticker sitting in the birdcage-- which is a series of words I would never have imagined  having to use in a single sentence before sitting down to write this blog post...anyway-- aren't they beautiful pictures?

Jeremy and I had a conference out of town this weekend (Thursday-Saturday), so I feel I'll be starting out the week behind-- I need my days off to in order to recharge for the week.  Still, its good to be back home.

We'll be carving pumpkins later tonight (Sunday)-- I can't wait to show you the weird shaped gourds we got this year!  What interesting autumn activities are you tackling this week?

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  1. I see where you get your craftiness from! Very nice. That's why I'm not crafty maybe? (Blaming my mom!) But my mom does have those Friendly Village plates your mom has. Your dad took lovely pictures. I hope you get a day off to catch up soon. Jo

  2. The pillows and the photography are great. Your dad has a good eye for the unusual. Thank you for bringing the skeleton in a birdcage with a "I voted" sticker to Make It Monday.

  3. I am loving all your decor, very spooky!

  4. I think that tree fungus is called red belt... we have it quite a bit here as well. Beautiful! I love all of you and your mother's holiday craftiness. So much fun.


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