Wednesday, September 30

We've Been Wednesday: Bayley Loves Fall!

Well, while Mom has been digging through cemeteries...

(j/k ma)

While Mom has been back at teaching classes, I have returned to the receiving end of lectures and started yet another semester. There’s something about fall semesters that are so much more exciting than spring. As much as I love warm weather, I really think that fall is my favorite time of year on campus.
First of all, it is so much easier to curl up and read a book when it’s chilly outside. While I love reading all year long, there’s something about a crisp breeze, and flannel that makes reading a bland book a little cozier.

Second, no sweat. Literally. It’s sixty-two degrees outside, and walking to campus is a little less sweaty. Even on my lazy days when all I can put together is jogging sweats and a t-shirt, I would rather not be the sweaty, sticky, blob in the corner.

Even better than not “melting” in class, is the ability to walk to the campus java joint and grab a pumpkin flavored treat. And no, I am not falling on the stereotype train (or maybe I am) but have you had one of those frothy sweet treats? Ugh. Yum.

Sweaters. Yeah, sweaters. Those snuggly cotton hugs that you hang in your closet and wear for only 4 months a year…while the fall semester  may come with a load of homework, at least its wrapped in cable knit joy. What does the spring semester have to offer…shorts? Pssht, when’s that last time you felt cozy in shorts…exactly.  

Oh. And then there is the holiday season. What better way is there to break up school monotony than not one, not two, but three holidays that encourage you eating a bunch of stuff you shouldn’t (and what better way to hide that naughty consumption that with snuggly sweaters).

Do you know how much easier it is to be forced into writing papers on things you probably won’t think about again ever when you don’t want to be outside instead? Although, as a masterful procrastinator (I am supposed to be writing a paper right now…) excuses can be found in any season…not that I am condoning it….FLANNEL SHEETS. Can we talk about that? What other season are you allowed to sleep wrapped up in snuggly pictures of penguins and polar bears or yards of bold tartan? Exactly.

Forget drive-in movies; take me out to the corn maze. That’s like the epitome of the “let’s get lost” movement. Let’s literally get lost in acres of dried corn stalks, and afterwards let’s sit on hay and drink hot toddy’s. What’s a hot toddy, you say? The Guardian has an excellent article that describes all of the magical goodness and has a lovely recipe at the bottom

Well. Now that I have successfully sapped half an hour out of my allotted paper writing time, I suppose I’ll get back to eat – Hot Toddy in hand. Are you so excited for fall?! 


  1. I love this time of year too! Love the fall look in your you Nunnie

  2. I love this time of year too! Love the fall look in your you Nunnie


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