Monday, April 20

The Thirsty Orange Craft Beer Festival

The Saturday before last Jeremy, Bayley, Bobby and I headed out into the sun to attend our local annual craft beer festival, The Thirsty Orange.  For the price of admission we were each given a tasting glass and free access to all the local brewers in attendance.  Even the weather was obliging-- the first sun in days, and a balmy 75.  Perfect.  

This was the fest's 4th year, but the first time we've attended. Since we live in a college town, we were a little nervous it would end up being an open air version of a fraternity kegger, but it was actually very mellow and a ton of fun.  Lots of people Jer and my age, with a solid representation of discerning 20 somethings.  Over 4,000 people were in attendance when things got going, and not one drunken brawl.  I call that a successful event don't you?

Part of the credit for the mood of the festival goes to the DJ, Allen Rockhouse.  He was awesome-- a real old school scratcher mixing a lot of different musical styles into a seamless stream of music.  I think it kept everyone in the proper spirit of things, if that makes sense.

There was also a poetry station complete with poet who, for $20 would write you a poem.  We did not take him up on the offer, but the bevy of typewriters was pretty cool.  They also had a section cordoned off with hula hoops and other sunny type activities, which was rather entertaining to watch as the afternoon went on.

In addition to the sample glass and free stickers, postcards and coasters, we grabbed a few t shirts to support local crafts people. We headed out for pizza just across from the festival and counted out our booty (arrrr).  I love the idea of having a town full of independent artisans-- our farmer's market, artists and craftspeople, local bakers and brewers-- and even a micro distillery that is opening in a few months.  We are getting to be the hipster corner of Tennessee, and I love it lol.

We got home a little sunburned and craving summertime.  This semester has been...interesting...and we could all use a bit of a break.

What sort of fests and fetes does your hometown offer?

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