Monday, April 27

Signs of Spring at Cecilia

We've been fluctuating madly between the 70's and the 50's here in Cecilvannia.  But despite the temperature variety, spring has most definitely sprung.

How is it looking 'round your place?

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  1. Oh what a beautiful sight! There is nothing like unfurling buds and tree blossoms. We are finally getting there (despite chilly temps). Not quite as green in these parts yet though.

    1. We've been dipping into the 50's off and on but mostly staying steady mid-60s with a few 70 degree days in the mix. What a weird winter we had eh?

  2. It's 80's here in LA. Hot! :) It looks so lovely there with flowers and everything! <3

  3. Your environment is so gorgeous - I want to visit you next spring!!!


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