Monday, April 13

Do Your Own: Cottage Chic Chalkboard

I have a mountain of bits and pieces that are waiting to be turned into something else.  I think that is a fairly common crafters complaint-- never enough storage for all of the I-could-turn-that-intos...

You may recognize the old door from the wine cork board how-to post.  Its from a collection of old cupboard doors that I've saved from long gone pieces of furniture.  The other day I decided to turn it into a chalkboard (given that I'm never going to cleave 5 gabillion corks in twain ever again).

I had also saved a piece of trim from the same cupboard, which I attached to the door with glue and screws to use as a chalk shelf.   I used the same tintable chalkboard paint I had used on our living room arrow.  We have a lot of chalkboards.  I like them.

I trimmed the board out in mint and an off white paint I had laying around, then distressed the whole thing with a sanding block.

I hung it in the hallway, just outside the craft room.  For the purposes of this post I wrote on the board and took a snap just as Harper Ann came out of her room.

She informed me she could do better then proceeded to do so.  It looks lovely don't you think?

Do you stock pile potential craft bits?  Tell me I'm not the only one!

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  1. Lol Harper is very creative! Look great.

    1. I think it came out cute! Although Bayley is mocking my plethera of chalkboards lol

  2. I love chalkboards too! And you did a fantastic job! I don't have much stockpiled, mainly because I know I'll NEVER get around to doing it! ;) Jo


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