Monday, February 23

Wish List: Master Bedroom

Time to snuggle in.  There ain't nothing like a good night's sleep...

striped percale bedding

lavender & bitter orange room spray

wire hamper

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  1. Your choices are lovely. I have been focusing on the master bedroom lately too. Tidied it up. Had the carpet cleaned. I am washing the bedding more frequently too, due to the newer dog, who likes to cuddle up on our pillows. (He stinks!) I am about to make my own linen spray for the days in between wash day. But what I really want is a new king-size bed and bedding. :)

    1. I hope you put a how to up on the making your own linen spray!!

  2. Nice Taby! Love the birdcage light! I'm going ng to copy that one

    1. Oooh you have that birdcage too!! Take pictures!!


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