Monday, February 16

Reading Room:Five Online Decorating Magazines

We actually got our first snow day of 2015 today.  I adore snow days.  I'll be pouring another cup of coffee, grabbing my tablet, and snuggling into my favorite chair for a good, long inspiration session with my favorite online decorating mags...

Where do you get your visual inspiration?

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Reading Room is a new monthly feature here at Oh, Cecilia.  If you have a magazine you'd like to promote, suggest or otherwise pass on, please email me at theclosetintellectual (at) gmail (dot) com.


  1. Snow days are so exciting, until there's half a dozen if them and you are scrambling to schedule make-up classes and everyone is behind. One is fun though :) All these mags look great. I think I'd need an ipad to read virtual mags. I do check Pinterest though!

    1. Well we are going on our third snow day, and I'm starting to get worried lol. I actually have an Amazon Fire (from a few years ago) and it works great-- plus its much less expensive than an ipad!


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