Monday, January 26

Valentine's Day Craft Ideas from Bay

Some of you may not know this, but when the rest of the world is celebrating Valentine's Day, in reality and often unbeknownst to them, they are celebrating my birth. Everyone seems to think it has something to do with love and the sale of Hallmark cards but I beg to differ. 

Unfortunately for me some people refuse to accept this and even my housemate insists we celebrate the fact that we kinda dig each other, so in honor of Valentine’s Day, (and my 22nd birthday…and coincidentally his 24th birthday on the 17th!), for the next few posts I will be doing three DIY Valentine’s Day gift projects! 

In truth, I'm pretty excited to put together some fun gifts for my man-pal. But, in case you loathe my choices, I’ve selected a couple of additional options, and hopefully you’ll be able to find a project you totally dig among the ones I’ve listed. Let me know if you prefer any one in particular because I haven’t exactly decided on all three of mine yet. Insert sheepish grin here. I look forward to your feedback, my lovelies. Xo.

Now, #1:

So, when I give you a complete and unchristmased tour of my humble abode you will see that due to the fact that my housemate and I both having names that begin in the letter “B,” we have amassed quite the collection of B’s around our home. So far we have 7, and when I came across this ‘pinspiration’ I couldn’t help but fall in love. A more personal letter full of pictures of the adorableness that is Bay & Bob – sounds like a winner to me.


Now I have seen this particular Valentine’s Day craft floating around for some time now and it has been stored up in the dusty confines of my brain for equally as long, so this year I thought it might be time to dust off the idea and give it a go. Unfortunately I don’t’ think the inability to pick up your shoes or start the dishwasher don’t fall under the 52 reasons I love my sweet roommate, or else this would be an easy list to make..


Quite honestly when it comes to his love of beer, food, and myself, I’m not sure my man-pal would be pleased to have to choose any one over the other (though he would dutifully choose me…right, Bobby?), so why not make the man happy and just wrap one around the other. I ran across this craft and couldn’t help but think how well it combined the masculine attitude with the sweetness that inherently accompanies the holiday. This craft, and a large pizza will certainly award me a gal-pal of the year award. 

Now, stepping away from previously tested craft ideas, the next two are from the mind of yours truly.


Luckily enough I have found myself employed at a home department store, selling exclusively in kitchen, bedroom and bathroom basics, and one of the many things they sell are wall mounted bottle openers, so without giving too much away and to make sure you come back for more, I will be attempting to craft a custom bottle opener, still wall mounted but with a little 2x4 flare…stay tuned..

And lastly, as my creativity is running short as of late,


Music is one of the things that first drew my housemate and I together. Though we had different initial tastes (country vs. just about everything but country), it was our love for the story and meaning behind the words which led us to many a enthralling conversation. For him country music was one long love song, and for me, well. I’m an English major and love is everywhere you want it to be – swoon. Fortunately for him however, I saw the love in his language so to speak and as such I constructed a couple of paintings to reflect one of his favorite songs, as well as his personality in our living room which by my own fault s dominated by my own sense of style. So, I will be more than happy to show you how I created this small piece!

Now, the rest is up to you, what DIY Valentine’s Day gifts have you come across? Even if it’s not my Valentine’s day I’m always in need of a “sorry I spent that much on shoes” or “sorry I bought that bottle of red wine” gift! See you Friday!


  1. Cool Bayley! On our first Valentine's Day as husband and wife, I made your Poppy a red bath towel wrap! I used snaps to keep it closed with eleastic on the portion that would go around his waist. I just asked Poppy if he remembered his Valentine's Day present and he said the "red towel"! Now that's love...

  2. I look forward to seeing how it all comes together. They are all great ideas, but I agree you can't go wrong with beer! Can we add "inability to change a toilet paper roll" to the "52 Things I Love About You"? ;)


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