Monday, November 10

Catching The Cozies

We've warmed up a bit from last weekend, but I've still got snow on my mind.  We aren't outdoors type people, Jer and I, but we do adore the colder weather and the accompanying cozies.  I've been hankering for a chunky knit sweater, which got me questing Etsy for crochet and knit goodies...

Have you found any knitted wonders lately?

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  1. These are all beautiful and awesome cozy goodies! Makes me almost look forward to winter. (Not really, but they sure are lovely.) It's the most beautiful fall day here today. You wouldn't know winter is on the way. :) Jo

    1. We've had a bit of a warm up here too (60's) but its supposed to drop to the 40's by Friday!


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