Monday, November 17

Around Cecilia in November

T.S. Eliot once said "I have measured out my life with coffee spoons."  I get that.  We measure out our lives in semesters and the fall semester is rapidly drawing to a close.  Now we are in the whirlwind where there isn't enough time and everything is crowding in chaos-- ah the academic life.

It seemed a fitting time for a mini whirlwind tour of our living room, before the autumn decorations are replaced by winter ones.

Harper Ann found me that owl at the leftovers of a friend's garage sale.  He was painted in 1975, by someone for someone if the markings on the underside of the base are to be believed.  And I do.  Believe them I mean.

The papier-mâché skull mask was meant to be a temporary Halloween decoration.  Tanner, Tucker's girl, was looking for a project so I gave her some old book pages, the mask and modge podge and she went to town.  It is so perfectly detailed with layer after layer of carefully chosen words.  She took weeks to do it.   I've decided to make its home on the wall permanent.

I took that last tree picture earlier this week.  Now there are only a handful of leaves left on the trees and the grass is starting to dull to a winter gray green.  Bring on the snow.

I've been working on some decorations for our Comfort and Joy themed Christmas.  

Some crafty projects will be posted here shortly.  Until then, enjoy the final days of autumn!

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  1. Yes, this semester is killing me! When will it end? (December 8th for me :). So behind in my reading, but love your quirky and lovely fall decor. Wonder if you have snow now like everyone else?!

    1. We got a light dusting last night but we are freezing! Its a whopping 19 degrees out this morning with a high of 26 predicted!

  2. I am already nostalgic for fall. It is freezing here today. We are at 22 degrees now, but it's much worse with the wind chill factor. I love your owl and your mask. Great decor. :) Thanks for linking up at Vintage Bliss! Jo

    1. We've warmed up into the low 40s today-- man this weather is all over the place!


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