Friday, September 19

You Just Can't Have Too Many Duvets...

It was just about this time last year that I made my first duvet cover.  Since then I've gotten a bit obsessed. I've done some in cotton, flannel, even a few with vintage percale.  My latest creation, literally hot off the sewing machine, is in a turquoise gingham/spring green with polka dots number, and is my new favorite.

I got the two sheet sets (full size, flat and fitted sheets with two pillowcases) for $25.00 on Overstock. I also picked up two sets of flannel sheets, that are cleaned, folded and waiting in the craft room for the weather to turn a bit colder.

I think the great appeal is the major difference a fresh duvet can make in a room.  I can change the whole mood of our room once a week and for an ADD decorator like me, that in itself is worth the effort.

Do you have a favorite way to freshen up a room?

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  1. I love that duvet- and the little monkey on the bed. :) I always freshen up my bedroom by getting some pillows and a new throw.
    The Grass Skirt

    1. You wouldn't believe the number of throws we have to...well...throw about during winter!!

  2. What a lovely fresh looking duvet cover. I need to "borrow" you for a bit to decorate around here. ;)

  3. Looks great, green on green :) I am so boring and my duvet cover is just plain white these days. We'll see if I still find it as refreshing this winter!


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