Friday, September 5

An Ode to a Clothesline

Is it weird that I'm in love with my clothesline?  I have wanted one for ages-- we actually bought some of the parts to construct one 3 summers ago, but only recently got around to building it.  Well, I say we, but really it was Jeremy and Harper's boyfriend Lucas who built it.
Its my favorite thing, ever.

Right before classes got started for the fall semester, I took out all my eshakti dresses that had been hanging dormant in my closet, gave them a light wash then hung them on the line.  I have a lot of eshakti dresses, Jeremy would like to point out.  He thinks I need an intervention.  I think I need another eshakti bogo sale. 

Eshakti isn't paying me, by the way, nor is clicking on the link above.  I have a genuine fondness for their clothes.  Okay, so fondness may be the wrong word.  Obsession.  That's what I mean.

I'm actually voluntarily doing everyone's laundry just so I can hang it on my clothesline.  The kids are loving it, and are dreading winter when they'll have to start doing it on their own again.  Dryers are awesome inventions, don't get me wrong.  But there is something about the process of hanging clothes on the line that I love.  And the smell, oh my god, the smell.  Is there anything that smells better than cotton or linen that has been dried in the mountain air?  

The other day I was at the store with Jeremy and I kept sniffing his shirt.  He thought it was hilarious.  At first I was doing it subconsciously, though after he pointed it out I did it just to annoy him.  Clean Jeremy and a line dried t shirt is my favorite smell in the world.  That isn't weird at all right?

If you haven't got a clothesline, you must get one or hang a shirt from a tree or something.  You have to have this in your life. I promise.

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  1. Wow, that is a lot of dresses. And they're so pretty! Makes me want more! (You really should be an eShakti affiliate btw.)

    1. I know I should-- I am just too lazy to set it up lol

  2. I love this! Pretty dresses on the line in late summer, what could be better? I mostly use mine for diapers (so much less romantic ;)

    1. But what a great way to get rid of diaper smell lol! Ours isn't nearly so glamorous most days-- lots of t shirts and sweats lol

  3. So lovely - and I'm so jealous! I've always had a dream of a clothesline, but I live in the city, so it's not happening. (Well, if I lived in a city in Europe, it would be a different story. Charming clothesline dangling over a very narrow street).

    I love all of your little animated dresses...


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