Friday, September 12


Its fun to get away for a morning, just to go exploring a few towns over with no particular plan.  We made each other laugh, took a selfie in a dirty mirrored window outside of a jukebox repair shop, and ate at the greasiest of greasy spoons.

We stumbled upon an enormous portrait of a monkey in a turban sitting quietly in a dusty corner of a junk shop.  We wandered-- we are good wanderers.

We put the top down and soaked up the sun, blasted the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack and watched the clouds go by.  Well really I watched the clouds and he heard about them second hand as he drove down the highway.

It was a good day-- but then, most days are.

Have you gone exploring lately?


  1. Oh how fun, I need to go on more adventures!

  2. Sounds lovely and peaceful. You guys are adorable.

  3. Sweet date! Some day I will have one of those ;) craving a good diner now.


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