Friday, August 29

Late Summer Inspiration

The end of summer- a holding pattern before autumn out here in the mountains. 

 Ironically, late August has been the hottest part of summer this year; generally the peak of heat is in July, but we seem to be on a temperature delay.  All of the bright crisp greens of summer are bleaching in the sun.

Natural linen, canvas and blonde woods, loose and light to fight the heat. I'm taking the yellows out of Cecilia's living areas and replacing them with soft beige and faded brown, gentle. A bit of visual peace before the riot of colors that decorate our mountains in autumn. I hate to wish away time, but I can't wait until the temperatures start to fall with the leaves. Still, this time of year has a soft haze to it, a quiet calm.  

In less than a month summer 2014 will officially be over, if you can you believe it.  Have you got any plans to see it out?

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  1. I am not wanting the end of summer to come yet. But I would love to see the fall leaves in your mountains!! (Love that acorn necklace too!) xo Jo

  2. I can remember seeing your beautiful acorn necklace on another occasion and lusting after it then, it's so beautiful! And those hand soaps make me want to sigh they're so perfect! I don't think I could ever bring myself to actually use them!

    Kate x
    Just Pirouette and Carry On...


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