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I am Taby and he is Jeremy and we own Cecilia.  Our plan is to have her paid off in the next 6 years and live in her forever.  We are both historians.  I specialize in civil disobedience in American History and am an associate professor at a local college.  He is does European history and is a research librarian and tech whiz at our city library.   

We have three kids:

Bayley is 22.  She is a Brit Lit major, and has decided to get her teaching credential.  She lives with her boyfriend in a nice little condo about 15 minutes from Cecilia.  She has a knack for art, great taste, and is a phenomenal cook. She regularly contributes here, when she isn't busy with classes and her job as a restaurant hostess.

Tucker is 18 and is about to start his freshman year at college, where he is majoring in auto body repair and mechanics.  He also plays strategy based video games, likes history, races dirt bikes and has a heart of gold.

Harper Ann is 17.  She is about to start her senior year in high school, where she has a 3.0.  She's our outdoorsy kid: fishing, river rafting, camping-- if it is outside, she's there.    She is currently applying for part time work at a few local garden centers, and is thinking of being a kindergarten teacher.

There are others who pop in and out of Cecilia.  My Mom and Dad, my sister and brother-in-law, Jeremy's family, the kids' friends, and others-- all of whom you'll meet as you hang around Cecilia.

You can contact us at closetintellectual(at)gmail(dot)com-- we'd love to hear your suggestions, ideas and comments!

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